Primal Straps creates custom watch straps, made from the most unique materials, for the ultimate watch enthusiast.  We travel the world in search of new and exciting materials to build some extreme watch straps.  Every strap is different and a one of a kind piece of art that develops its own personal patina as you wear it.  When a strap is built from such high quality leathers and materials, it has time to really develop its own personality and truly become special.  Check out some of our past straps and design a special strap that you’ll love for years to come.  Start the journey with us today and experience your watch in a whole new light.


As animal lovers, Primal Straps go through an extensive process to make sure we acquire and sell legally obtained leathers.  We work with responsible suppliers within the United States to source these leathers.  Most of our leather is from the United States, such as our deer, elk, beaver, alpaca, goat, sheep etc.  The few leathers that we import go through a strict process of laws that is governed by CITES.  All of these exotic leathers are kept track of as they cross the border into America.  This process helps prevent poaching and funds the protection of all animals.


Custom Watch Straps with Sharkskin Travel Pouch

Custom Watch Straps