Alpaca Watch Strap

Hey Strap Lovers!  Here is a Primal Strap you’ve never seen before.  This strap is made from an Alpaca neck and lined with lizard.  We have teamed up with an tannery in the US to build some very special straps and this is the first of many.  The neck of an alpaca is a very strong piece of leather that has a very unique grain pattern.  This leather is also special because it is an entirely American product.  The alpaca was from a farm in the Midwest and then tanned, all in America.  We call this:  Farm to Table to Wrist.  This is often a part of the animal that is forgotten about and we are happy to be able to use it and build a beautiful watch strap from it.  If you’re looking for a unique leather, you should definitely consider a beautiful alpaca watch strap.  Alpaca Watch Strap Alpaca Watch Strap Alpaca Strap