Baseball Watch Strap

Hey Strap Fanatics!  Primal Straps is excited to share our newest baseball watch strap!  This unique strap was built from an actual Major League Baseball ball.  If you look closely, you will even notice the “practice” stamp.  To make this strap, we carefully took apart the ball and preserved all the leather and stitching.  Then we cut a perfect strap from the leather to show off some of the great markings on the MLB ball.  To finish it off, we used the actual red stitching from the baseball to sew the strap.  This particular ball was a home-run hit during practice before a game.  If you have a special baseball that you would like made into a Primal Strap, send it to us so that you can wear it proudly.  Every strap has it’s own story, but having a strap made from a baseball has the potential for an incredible one!  Imagine having a baseball you caught as a child transformed into a beautiful watch strap to display everyday instead of being hidden on a shelf or in a box.  This strap came out amazing and we can’t wait to build another.  Truly one of our favorites!  Baseball Watch Strap Baseball Watch Strap Baseball Watch Strap Baseball Watch Strap