Black and White Lizard BR01Hey Strap Lovers (and Cruella Deville)!  We are proud to introduce the first strap we have ever built using two different color skins.  To build this black and white lizard BR01 (Bell and Ross) strap, we had to special order two stunning Teju lizard skins in black and white.  It wasn’t easy to find this perfect white lizard skin, but we did.  Each side of the strap was then accented with the opposite color stitching to really send it over the top.  Everything about this strap is special and we love building these exotic one-off straps.  The BR01 is a very unique looking strap with its wide flair and tabbed style lugs.  From across the room, you can instantly tell what strap this is.  I bet you can feel the eyes of everyone looking at your watch when wearing a strap like this.  Let us know what you think!

Black and White Lizard BR01 Black and White Lizard BR01 Black and White Lizard BR01